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Slate of Parish Council Members for 2014

The following names were accepted and approved by the Parish Assembly:

Mariana Bates

Spencer John Bates

Eleonora Borisovna-Fung

David Koman

Subdeacon Polycarp Kroah

Jerusha Lee

Steven Lee

Psa. Nicole Mitescu

Alina Oprea

Cristinel Oprea

Laurie Tadros

Victoria Ursa 

The proposed slate was approved unanimously.

(Reminder – Steven Lee and Psa. Nicole Mitescu were elected in 2012 to a 2-year term as delegates to the Episcopate Congress. Alternates are Jerusha Lee and Laurie Tadros).


Saint Anne Orthodox Church of The Inland Valley


In accordance with Article IX, Section 25 of the Bylaws of the Romanian
Orthodox Episcopate of America as amended in 1994, the Annual General Assembly of
St. Anne Orthodox Church is being called for Sunday, January 26, 2014, in Room 23
of the First Christian Church complex at 1759 N. Park Avenue, Pomona, California,
immediately after the conclusion of the Holy Liturgy, which will begin on this day only
at 9:00 A.M. (one half hour earlier than the usually scheduled time.)

The meeting agenda will be:

1. Opening Prayer: Invocation of the Holy Spirit

2. Roll Call of 2013 members

3. Approval of Agenda and appointment of tellers.

4. Approval of the minutes of the 2013 Annual General Assembly

5. Reports:

a. Parish Priest
b. Parish Council President

6. Financial reports:

a. Treasurer’s report
b. Auditors’ report

7. Presentation, discussion, and approval of Budget proposal for 2014

8. Election of new council slate for 2014

9. Other business

10. Closing Prayer

____________________                _______________________                _____________________
Laurie Tadros                          V. Rev. Fr. Catalin Mitescu             Psa. Nicole Mitescu
Parish Council President            Parish Priest                               Secretary

Parish Priest: V. Rev. Fr. Catalin Mitescu
Mail: 310 N.Indian Hill Blvd, Suite 210, CLAREMONT CA 91711 http:://
Tel.: (888) 495-4061 (Church Office) (909) 624–6811 (FrCatalin_home) (909) 621-8534 (FrCatalin_office)
A Parish of the Romanian Episcopate, Orthodox Church in America
worshiping in Pomona, California, in Room 24, at the First Christian Church complex,
1759 N. Park St., one block north of the San Bernardino (I-10) Freeway at the Garey Ave. exit.

2014 House Blessings

Fr. Catalin will attempt to visit every household for the traditional blessing of each home with water from the Great Blessing. Please let him know if for any reason you do not wish him to come. For the house blessing, for which individual scheduling will be arranged, please be sure that all who live in the house can be present, and please make sure you have prepared :
1) A candle, a bowl for water, and a cross and/or icon.
2) A list of all people living in the house.
[All TV and radio should be turned off during the blessing.]